Cesura Educational promotes workshops and masterclasses with internationally-famed photographers on a ongoing timetable.  Our first goal is to keep this formation fresh through a revolving teaching personnel, with the aim to propose students a range of always new ideas and working tools.

Cesura Educational offers two different learning plans:

1. WORKSHOP, covering 2-3 days to a week

2. MASTERCLASS, one week of tutored-work followed to a six-month span of individual production of a project before, then one further of work with the teacher for a conclusive week of final editing. 

All aspects of being a photographer are examined through an intimate environment during a week-end or a week period. The planned course are all high-intensity based, and while this level depends on the mindset of the teacher, all of these constitutes a highly energetic gateway to start developing everybody's own work and creative settling: that is the production of a portfolio, the ability to edit, the development of relationships with customers or galleries, as well as the skills to relate to oneself while taking pictures through the most diverse settings.

Alec Soth weekend workshop at Cesura. 2010
2011. Lise Sarfati weekend workshop at Cesura.
2010. Chris Anderson and Alec Soth lecture in Nibbiano.
2010. Chris Anderson workshop in Pianello Val Tidone.
2009. Paolo Pellegrin weekend workshop at Cesura.
2012. Alex Majoli masterclass in Scicli.
LUZ Academy - Phototelling and Self-publishing courses by Cesura



LUZ Academy is the first training program in the photojournalism and documentary photography field because it really is the first "in the field" organized by a photo agency committed on a daily basis, with its professionals, in the development of projects of brand storytelling.
The Cesura photographers will guide you through phototelling and self-publishing courses.


LUZ Academy è il primo percorso di formazione nel campo del fotogiornalismo e nella fotografia documentaria perché è il primo davvero “sul campo”, cioè organizzato da un’agenzia fotografica quotidianamente impegnata, con i suoi professionisti, nello sviluppo di progetti di brand storytelling. I fotografi di Cesura terranno i corsi di phototelling e self-publishing.