by Andy Rocchelli

The Russian republic of Ingushetia has become the most dangerous place in the Russian federation. Endemic corruption combined with a battle between Islamic extremists and unaccountable Moscow-backed security forces has plunged the area into violence. Kidnappings, illegal detentions, and disappearances operated by special forces have become daily occurrences for the whole region. This year have been celebrated the 5th anniversary of Beslan  terrorist attack in North Ossetia. According to the Russiangovernment, 332 people were killed here  from Sept. 1 through Sept. 3 2004,including 186 children. More than 700 were wounded. It was the worst terrorist act in modern Russian history perpetuated by a Chechen terroristgroup. (...)

by Alessandro Sala

Cued Speech is a mode of communication based on the phonemes and properties of traditionally spoken languages. Cueing allows users who are deaf or who have language/communication disorders to access the basic, fundamental properties of spoken languages through the eyes.
Maryvonne and Remy Zimmermann are the founders of DATHA, a french association who works with deaf child and promote the cued speech. Maryvonne introduced me to many families in France associated with DATHA. During my trips to France I lived with those families and share their silences. I witnessed their daily life and routine under the maze of isolation but also their strength and determination to demolish those walls. (...)

by Arianna Arcara

Since 30 years Detroit has symbolized the American crisis, the defeat of capitalism and its ghosts, it still represents all of this. But, it's not just that. The people and the stories that prosper in that silence offer unforgettable impressions. 70 years ago the rich white collar workers, when the African-American exodus began, left the city center leaving the black community in a poverty stricken condition. For the past 50 years desolation has been the word that best describes Detroit. (...)





We are glad to announce that Gabriele Stabille  joined Cesuralab. Gabriele is an italian photographer based in New York city. 
He started contributing to the New York Times and Fader Magazine. He's currently working on a year long commission for the Aperture Foundation, a New York based non-profit organization that promotes photography.

Recently his work on Gaza has been selected amoung the 14 finalists of Carmignac photojurnalist Award. 



http://cesuralab.com/workshop_pellegrin.pdf MASTERCLASS WITH ALEX MAJOLI

Cesuralab offers Photography workshops with continuously rotating international photographers. Our goal is to keep the workshops always fresh with new faces and ideas. The visual language and photographic development of the students are the focal points of the workshops. All aspects of being a photographer will be covered in an intimate setting over the course of 6 days. Workshops will be very intensive and although depending on the photographer teaching, they will be a highly energetic way of learning to new ways of approaching your work like creating a portfolio, developing editing skills, dealing with potential clients or galleries, but also learning how to deal with the actual taking pictures in the field in sometimes difficult circumstances(...) DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

http://cesuralab.com/workshop_pellegrin.pdf CESURALAB & YOOX.COM

Cesuralab produce a series of videos for yoox.com in collaboration with Fashion Institute of Technology: The Museum at Fit in NY. These videos are screening during the exhibition American Beauty at The Museum at Fit and also online at yoox.com 




Gabriele Micalizzi won the last edition of the wine photo international award 2009 with his projects Party Crasher. The essay was "Men,Beast and Heros: places and stories of drinking". 



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