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Lega Nord
by Marco Valli

From the text 50 good reasons for the Independence of Padania
"One of the most vulgar stereotypes of Italian racism is to describe Padania as a sad, gloomy, foggy and cold land, inhabited by greying people, closed and sad. On the other side there would be a Southern cheerful, sunny, open, full of joy and songs. It is a colossal lie. [...]. [The southern] is a dark culture and full of guilt that comes from their ancestors Greeks and Phoenicians, Muslim influence and a lot of reading of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Catholicism. Our genetic heritage is still full of Celts and Venetians characters, peoples who had filled their lives with colours, fantasy, polyphonic songs, large drinks, a serene and "normal" vision of death and a remarkable background cheerfulness. [...]. With the new-found freedom, this world will be again the land of joyful feasts, of choirs and bands, carnival and other oldest festivities, the country of the bards, minstrels and the many colours in which will return to live with peacefulness and joy."
Lega Nord (Northern League), whose complete name is Northern League for the Independence of Padania, is an Italian political party born from the union of six regional autonomist movements in northern Italy. Founder of the party in 1991, and Federal Secretary for over 20 years, is Umberto Bossi, from April 2012 Federal President of the movement. The current leader, elected in July 2012, is Roberto Maroni.
Originally supporter of federalism, since 1996, the Northern League has proposed the secession of the northern regions indicated by them with the term Padania. Then, the League proposes the project of creating a federal state, to be achieved through fiscal federalism and devolution to the regions with some of the functions exercised by the State. The party, often called Carroccio in journalistic language, is fighting also for the implementation of standards with the purpose of countering Islamic fundamentalism and is considered one of the Eurosceptic movements. Northern League emphasizes the fight against illegal immigration and also lines up for the protection of the family that should consist only of man and woman with no consideration of whatsoever for same-sex couples. 
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