cesura lab

I wanna be a Showgirl
by Andy Rocchelli

With the coming of the commercial television and the loss of the neo-pedagogical one, we are witnessing a specific phenomenon on italian screens: the codification of a single female model that schedules the erasing of personality, the plastic surgery on the body, the must of appearing young and healthy. Casting and beauty contests are crowded by young people in search of quick success, dreaming to be famous on tv, using smiles and bodies in order to make easy money. Showgirls are required in every tv show, the subject doesn't matter, what is important is to relax the public with some cuts on beautiful smiling girls in bikini. For the vast majority of wannabes the dream doesn't become reality, only the most aggressive and disposable girls can overpass the selections accepting dangerous compromises and fragile contracts. This cultural involution has become a forced media dictatorship breaking trough the shared values of society and generations, women are judged by their looks, on a dominant sexual androcentrism.  has the direct effect on manipulating women's identity. Celebrity worship becomes a desperate quest for reaching success, the only way to be happy.
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