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Algiers, February 12th
by Andy Rocchelli

Thousands of people held a pro-democracy rally in Algeria´s capital Algiers on February 12th, 2011, defying a government ban.  The protesters gathered at Algiers´ 1 May Square on Saturday morning. Scuffles broke out between the protesters and riot police and a number of people were reportedly arrested. Algeria witnessed a massive wave of protests in early January that spread to 20 of the country’s 48 provinces and continues to see successful or attempted self-immolation from disaffected men in the capital Algiers and elsewhere. While the ostensible cause for the protests was a hike in the price of basic staples, such as sugar and cooking oil, the anger unleashed by the protests, albeit briefly, and the subsequent movements of both Algeria´s government and its opposition groups indicate a much deeper anger over the country´s political and social condition.

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