cesura lab

 by Gabriele Stabile

Right about the climax of the occupy movement in New York I somehow convinced Marion Durand at Newsweek to send me shoot the stock exchange floor. I thought that Wall Street was a dark place and I went there with Black and White infrared equipment, to shoot its darkness...

Later I discovered that other photographers had used the infrared metaphor even more glamorously and my enthusiasm decreased. 

Still I cherished the photos from that evening, and wanted to repay Ms.Durand of her trust ( and lunches ).

So I barricaded myself in my wife's painting studio and came up a month later with these serigraphs, which I printed serially on old newsprint stock. 

A way to celebrate and mourn at the same time the fainting printed journalism. 

In this era of ubiquitous diy digital reporting and as the value of our beloved trade ( and our own lives!) decreases I call this post-post journalism. Sounds cool to me, tho. Also, Newsweek ran the screenprints.

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