Photobuster 2018 Palermo

by Cesura Collective

Cesura Photo-busters is a cultural photo-residency project launched by Cesura to photograph Italian and foreign territories with an artistic and independent approach. A diverse group of photographers focuses on a specific area for a limited time; the collective work is then edited and exhibited at the end of the residency.


On the occasion of the 2018 edition of Manifesta European biennial of contemporary art, twenty CESURA photographers portrayed the city of Palermo, Sicily, with the support of the local ONIBI association. The final exhibition was divided into two parts: one inside the “Dom Art Space” gallery and one in the streets, where large posters were put up on different walls of the “Vucciria” neighborhood.


Photos by Luca Baioni, Stefania Bosso, Teresa Dalle Carbonare, Maria Elisa Ferraris, Federico Guarino, Federica Iannuzzi, Valentina Neri, Giovanni Panizza, Lorenzo Piacevoli, Claudio Rao,  Alessandro Sala, Giorgio Salimeni, Luca Santese, Eleonora Tinti, Marco P. Valli, Francesco Viceconte, Marco Zanella, Alex Zoboli.

Graphic contribution by Noemi Bugli.