Riverside girls

by Chiara Fossati

In summers 2014 I took part in a project called “Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project “. I travelled, as a photographer and a truck driver, for almost 2 months from the source of the river Danube in Germany all the way to his end in the Black Sea. In my photographic journey I focused my attention on the young women that are growing up in this new Europe along the Danube river. This territory, though it remains conceptually boundless, is the meeting point of the east and the west worlds. During its trip, the river touches a spectrum of different places and societies. It starts in Germany, in the rich western world, and it end in deep eastern Romania. The eastern we go the more we see the poverty in the countries we came cross, with the shadows of war and communism hanging over them. This project focus on these girls about to become women, in this melting pot of cultures. No matter where they are from, despite their history or their difficulties, all of them are lively, they want to grow, learn, everyone with their dreams, sensitivity and strength.