Cambiamenti – MuFoco

by Luca Santese

Commissioned by the Italian Museum of Contemporary Photography (MUFOCO) for CAMBIAMENTI, an exhibition on diversity and inclusion – High fidelity protesys, Genova.

One of the tasks of technology should be to improve the quality of life and help those who need it most. Recently, in fact, several companies, public bodies, hospitals, universities have been engaged searching for solutions that can facilitate the lives of people with disabilities. The project investigates how technology can concretely help diversity to become inclusion. The research focuses on innovation without neglecting the craftsmanship and artistic aspect that characterizes this type of service in which technicians and artisans are involved on a daily basis to innovate products with the main purpose of improving the existential conditions of patients. Electronically controlled prostheses, silicone prostheses with high fidelity camouflage and eye prostheses are just some of the products taken into consideration.