Dalle nostre case

by Cesura Collective

As with all captivating journalistic events, the media’s coverage of the earthquake in Abruzzo went through many stages. A big part of the media focused on issues which were related to commercial interests. The first stage was that of sensationalism which sells, the next stage was to repeatedly and exhaustively show the same images, with the ineffable effect of normalization. This could lead to an extremely dangerous path that by all means needs to avoided, which is, the process of media saturation, in which the representation of the events demonstrate the same reality. The viewers are desensitised perceiving a normal situation which is fact worrying. Thousands of people are now living in tents, today this is considered the norm. This stability needs be reversed and be seen as the abnormal in order to overcome the situation. The presented work demonstrates this process: the photographs of Families that were previously hung on the walls of homes are today attached to the walls of tents or packed away in suitcases. Images were given to us by the subjects portrayed in the photographs, recovered form the ruins of the earthquakes. They represent an intimate expression of what ties them to their daily lives and as a point of reference.