by Alessandro Sala

Diorami: a botanical expedition around 8 plant species that are protagonists of Sicily’s natural, social and cultural landscape: the large Ficus macrophylla f. columnaris, the dwarf palm of the Zingaro Nature Reserve; the citrus cultivated in the gardens of Pantelleria; the almond tree of the Kolymbetra Garden; the carob tree of the rural landscape of the Iblei; the fragrant sage, thyme and rosemary of the Val di Noto; the Papyrus of the Ciane River; and the centuries-old Holm Oak or Elk (Quercus ilex), in the Etna Park.

Each species is narrated by the voices of Manlio Speciale, Rosario Schicchi, Paolo Inglese, Giuseppe Barbera, Mariangela Galante, Paolo Arena, Graziella Pavia, Salvatore Murana, Giuseppe Lo Pilato, Gianluca Pannocchietti, Paolino Uccello, Fabio Morreale, and Lavinia Lo Faro. A multimedia exhibition focused on the connection between the human and plant universe through Alessandro Sala’s photographs in dialogue with Francesca Berardi’s audio narratives, environmental installations and immersive sounds and unreleased music created by composer Gianni Gebbia.

A project by Alessandro Sala and Francesca Berardi, curated by Maria Chiara Di Trapani, commissioned by SiMuA, (winner of the PAC2021 – Plan for Contemporary Art, promoted by direzione generale creatività contemporanea del ministero della cultura).