by Cesura Collective

This has been an interlude in our life. A pause in the real so we can enter a deeper reality, like a breath between one act and the next in the course of history. What has happened has forced an inevitable yet necessary process: the suspension of reality as we used to know it has forced us to readjust our perception of time, freeing it from the constant drive of progress, productivity, practicality and speed. Having lost all our weapons, we have re­emerged as primordial humans in a distorted reality. We have experienced a new perception of authentic, biological, human time. We have had to face the void, suspense. We have come close to nothingness, the horror of it. We have experienced a new everyday: the fear of death and the awareness of how precarious we are.
For the first time, each and every one of us has found herself, himself at the centre of the story.
Cesura’s endeavour is to fill the black frame between the realities before and after the pandemie, to stimulate a reflection that, starting from the images at the middle of the story that once told it live, will break away from labels, filter the deep sound, and sum up the meaning of that silent interlude that we have recently lived through in arder to restare a new, shared sensibility. What will remain, perhaps, of this extraordinary period – more than pictures, more than words – will be the wholly human, shared feelings of extreme fragility, solitude and fallibility.

Photos by Arianna Arcara, Francesco Bellina, Stefania Bosso, Teresa Dalle Carbonare, Maria Elisa Ferraris, Giacomo Liverani, Alex Majoli, Claudio Majorana, Gabriele Micalizzi,  Valentina Neri, Alessandro Sala, Giorgio Salimeni, Luca Santese; Marco P. Valli, Marco Zanella, Alex Zoboli.