Siamo usciti

by Stefania Bosso

Siamo Usciti is a photographic project that tells the life of a group of speleologists who have been exploring the underground world of the Maritime Alps in Italy, for over 60 years. As opposed to the climber, who tries to overcome himself by conquering the high peaks of the mountains, the speleologist descends into the bowels of the earth, in ancient times called the kingdom of the dead and darkness. Down there are no straight or already beaten roads to go, a slightest mistake can cost your life and perhaps for this reason certain values that we take for granted in life “on the surface” are put back into play. Time, sound and silence, emptiness and space, fear, self…and also the sense of solidarity are perceived in a different and new way. Without mutual help speleology would not be possible.This sense of community unity can also be found on the surface, in particular in the Saracco Volante hut, where speleologists gather to tell stories of the past, to organize crazy parties, to look for new caves, to fantasize about the next explorations.

Press and features

Siamo Usciti at PFAM Festival 2019