Storm on Lake Michigan

by Claudio Majorana

“The people we are most attached to are not always people we have known.
It was my birthday when I received my grandfather’s archive, it was a present from my father but I didn’t immediately understand the importance that box would have for me. When I saw those pictures for the first time I could tell there was something familiar. My childhood memories are completely dominated by the stories about my family and my grandfather. He passed away a couple years before I was born and just like me his name was Claudio Majorana. He was an engineer and politician but, as I later discovered, he was always taking pictures of the ones he loved and the things happening around him, often from a moving car. His archive remained stored in our country house for more than 30 years before I could take a look inside it. All the negatives were rolled side by side, each one meticulously wrapped in paper with a caption related to the event. Like a message ready for a long travel through time the negatives arrived to me just like he organized them. As a confirmation that my path in photography made sense, the box released a mountain of emotions and confirmations. Just like the storm he saw on Lake Michigan that year he travelled to United States.”

Claudio Majorana

Notes: Claudio Majorana Senior Archive collects images of the life of Claudio Majorana Sr (1912-1984). The pictures shown here are from the first political mission of Sicilian region to the United States of which he was part of in 1957.

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