Claudio Majorana

Claudio Majorana was born in Catania, Italy, in 1986. Since his childhood he was influenced by both art and science, as he grew up spending time in his father’s radiology darkroom and his mother’s painting atelier.
A passionate skateboarder for more than 15 years, Claudio’s early work documents the Sicilian skateboarding scene; from there, he continued photographing young people, with a more specific focus on life in the outskirts.

In 2018 he published Head of the Lion with Cesura Publish, a book about the coming of age of a group of kids he photographed for six years, documenting their adolescence. During the same year, he graduated from medical school with a thesis about social cognition and the development of the brain during adolescence.

He is currently working with photographer Arianna Arcara on a personal project called Ciao Vita Mia.
Besides his personal works Claudio, takes care of his grandfather Claudio Majorana Sr. photographic archive.