Baby go

Revolving around a spiral, “Baby Go” reflects on the circularity of everyday life within the collective: a perpetual artistic and personal learning cycle brimming with ups and downs. Alternating photographs by fifteen of Cesura’s mentees, the fanzine inaugurates Cesura Publish’s new series, “And Other Chapters.”

“And Other Chapters” is the new series of Cesura Publish dedicated to showcasing the work of Cesura’s mentees through limited-edition experimental publications. It seeks to include an array of embryonic projects reflecting the various research paths undertaken by the group of emerging photographers growing under the supervision of Cesura’s members, an ongoing exchange central to the creative fabric of Cesura’s expanding factory.

Copy editing by Matilde Manicardi

6,6×9,8 in / 17×25 cm
76 pages, 48 photos
Color digital print
First edition of 200
Printed in Italy, March 2024


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