Cesura Fanzine #03

by Cesura

Cesura Fanzine #03 is a zine with a soul. Featuring a selection of the collective’s work, this new group publication revolves around the visual, physical and philosophical idea of “cesura”, which literally means “cut”.
An added feature is the chance to catch a glimpse of Cesura’s headquarters, located far away in nature. By cutting through the pages, the zine expands and unlocks an unpublished selection of everyday life images taken over a span of 12 years. Photos by Arianna Arcara, Francesco Bellina, Stefania Bosso, Teresa Dalle Carbonare, Maria Elisa Ferraris, Chiara Fossati, Giacomo Liverani, Alex Majoli, Claudio Majorana, Gabriele Micalizzi, Valentina Neri, Andy Rocchelli, Alessandro Sala, Giorgio Salimeni, Luca Santese, Marco P. Valli, Marco Zanella, Alex Zoboli.

Thanks to Luca Baioni, Ana Blagoievic, Francesco Brembati, Federico Carpani for providing us with some of the archive photos.

29,7 x 42,0 cm / 116,9 x 16,5 in
70 pages, 34 photos
Color indigo digital print
First edition of 300
Printed in Italy, June 2020

Sold out

Press and features

La nuova Fanzine di Cesura celebra l’arrivo di nuovi membri nel gruppo
Cesura Publish presenta CESURA FANZINE #03, una zine con un’anima