by Francesco Viceconte

In Huaorani language, the word Huacayñán means “Journey of tears”. By looking through these images taken in 2016 around the Amazon forest and in the Yasuni National Park, the viewer will come across fragments of a disappearing culture. Due to its soil richness, the park is estimated to contain around 800 million barrels worth of oil, and has been targeted by several oil corporations that have been polluting and exploiting the area for over 50 years. This area is Huaorani territory, and the companies corrupt the communities who live there, setting up their oil drills near them in exchange for services, schools, internet and food. Over the years, many Huaorani have abandoned their traditional lifestyle in favor of a capitalist turnout, affecting a millennial balance with the “commodities” of modern western goods.

5,8×8,2 in / 14,8×21 cm
8,2×11,6 in / 21×29,7 cm
56 pages
Cycles Offset print, Singer Sewn Binding
Edition of 80
Printed in Italy, July 2017

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