We are a photo collective, publishing house and lab based in Italy since 2008. While we undergo extensive changes we are pleased to announce our new members and share our latest work.





Cesura Fanzine #03 is a zine with a soul. Featuring a selection of the collective’s work, this new group publication revolves around the visual, physical and philosophical idea of “cesura”, which literally means “cut”.

An added feature is the chance to catch a glimpse of Cesura’s headquarters, located far away in nature. By cutting through the pages, the zine expands and unlocks an unpublished selection of everyday life images taken over a span of 12 years.

Photos by Arianna Arcara, Francesco Bellina, Stefania Bosso, Teresa Dalle Carbonare, Maria Elisa Ferraris, Chiara Fossati, Giacomo Liverani, Alex Majoli, Claudio Majorana, Gabriele Micalizzi, Valentina Neri, Andy Rocchelli, Alessandro Sala, Giorgio Salimeni, Luca Santese, Marco P. Valli, Marco Zanella, Alex Zoboli.

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In 2020 Italy faced one of the most critical emergencies since the end of World War II: the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been threatening the world population since the end of last year.

In Italy the virus caused thousands of deaths and the crisis of its health system. In order to avoid contagion, schools, shops and all non-essential production activities closed. Citizens throughout the country were ordered to stay in their homes, despite the economic impact that the lockdown would bring.

As our collective is based in the Northern and Southern epicentres of the coronavirus outbreak, our photographers have documented the critical situation in our country.