The jury of the Andy Rocchelli Grant gathered and is pleased to announce that THE YOSHIDA DORMITORY STUDENT’S HISTORY by Kanta Nomura is the winner of the first edition of our Grant.

We are extremely happy with the amount of titles and the high quality of dummies we received, reason why the jury decided to give two special mentions to Mikhail Bushkov with the project Zürich and to Angelo Vignali with the project How to raise a hand.

We want to thank all the participants and the jury for being part of this first edition of the Andy Rocchelli Grant.

2021 Jury
David Campany, Tamara Corm, Arianna Arcara and Lucia Rocchelli.

President of the Jury
Alex Majoli

The first edition of the grant is a project promoted and supported by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo.



Altra versione dello stesso paesaggio

At the beginning of February 2021, photographer Arianna Arcara was invited to inaugurate the artist residencies curated by the Pinacoteca G.A. Levis in Chiomonte, aimed at hosting photographers and artists with the intention of activating new narratives, starting from the rich heritage of paintings by the landscape painter Giuseppe Augusto Levis.

The set of mountain landscapes in Susa Valley, part of the Levis collection, served as the starting point for Arianna Arcara to represent what she herself defines as “Another version of the same landscape”.
During her residency in Chiomonte, her investigation developed through an attempt to outline a contemporary, social and landscape-based cross-section of the Susa Valley, turning her attention to the young population and the places where they grow up and live.

Curated by ARTECO, JEST, Arianna Arcara
Text by Beatrice Zanelli, Francesca Cirilli, Ilaria Peretti
Design by Studio Grand Hotel
Translation by Bennett Bazalgette

First edition – ISBN 978-88-945611-5-9
Printed in Italy, September 2021
16,8×22 cm / 6,5×8,5 in
92 pages

Promoted and supported by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo.




Scalandrê – a dialectal expression of the Romagna region that means “out of season, out of phase” when referring to people, animals or plants – is the title of Marco Zanella’s first book, a three-year long project about Cotignola, a small town in Northern Italy with an agricultural tradition.
It investigates what has often been defined as the end of rural civilization, straddling the world before and after the pandemic; a reality that is put to the test by the advancement of the new digital era and by the confrontation with an alienating sense of time: the natural rhythm of the seasons, of celebrations and rituals, which has always marked the life of a community in osmotic contact with the land, is now at risk of being distorted and lost. In this small cosmos, life doesn’t seem to be running against time, but on a parallel track, without conflict.
Marco Zanella’s images testify to the commitment of a community to preserve ancient traditions and collective memories from accelerated change.

Curated and Edited by Alex Majoli and Arianna Arcara
Design by Alberto Bolzonetti / Muttnik

Softcover, Federigoni Arena Paper
24×32 cm / 13 x 10 in
104 pages, 58 photos
First edition
ISBN 978-88-945611-4-2
Printed in Italy, July 2021




Whatever is the story of my adopted family and of a dream we shared with thousands of kids like us: to live in a world where rules or constrictions didn’t exist.”

“I was a teenager looking for adventures and freedom who found herself in the midst of the declining golden age of the rave movement, with a camera hanging around my neck. At that time, no one saw any good in us or in what we were doing, just as no one even bothered to look into rave culture. I remember the looks filled with disgust and judgment that followed us everywhere, and how we just learned not to give a damn, because we believed in our dreams and the alternative life we were pursuing. Looking back to this project after years, I can’t deny that it was the freest and fullest time of my life; but that fairytale was saturated with asphalt, mud, dust and rich in enemies, and soon our teenage dream crashed into a wall. Surely, we allowed ourselves to be fascinated by the unknown, and learned to find the strength to express all that we are, so that nobody and nothing could stop us from pursuing our dreams, whatever they may be.”

Curated by Arianna Arcara and Alex Majoli
Graphic design by Studio Moretti Visani

Hardback, handmade silver spray*
28×28 cm / 11×11 in
96 pages, 54 photos
A5 Xerox zine on fluo paper included
First edition

Available for preorder. Due to release in Fall 2021.

*cover design may vary



Zecche Punk HC Exhibition

“ZECCHE PUNK HC” is an exhibition about Andy Rocchelli that explores the relation between his photographs and the collective consciousness that generated around him after his death.
Andy Rocchelli has been a part of CESURA from the very beginning. He was one of our founding members, an unforgotten photographer and irreplaceable travel companion. His main photographic projects focused on human rights violations in the Russian Caucasus, the crisis in Kyrgyzstan and the Arab Springs in Tunisia and Libya. In Italy, he focused on religious faiths, organized crime in Calabria, African migrants and their exploitation in the south. Andy was killed in 2014 while covering the Ukrainian conflict.

ZECCHE PUNK HC exhibition will be open until September 12th on Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 7pm.

Project promoted and supported by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo.




“Theatricality must restore and cross over from side to side, existence and flesh.” Antonin Artaud

With SCENE, Alex Majoli has generated new interpretations about the relationship between men and their daily theatricality. In Opera Aperta, the author takes up the previously developed discourse and exasperates the ambiguity between reality and fiction – “In February 2020, I was in Reggio Emilia, where I was working on a new chapter of my SCENE project, my long-term photographic research about the theatricality of everyday life. While I was searching for new turning points, the pandemic started insinuating itself in my photos; on March 8th, I decided to interrupt the project to photograph the situation in the country. After over a year, I picked the story up again. Opera Aperta is the result of this work; not just photography, but an open paragraph on the contemporary tragedy of Covid-19.”

30×40 cm / 12×16 in
128 pages, 76 photos
First edition
ISBN 978-88-945611-1-1
Printed in Italy, May 2021





Since the day our group came together under the name of CESURA, the people who believed in our project and mission made a huge difference helping us reach our goals. With the SUPPORT US campaign we ask for your help to directly support our projects, our independent Publishing house and our Lab.
You can choose among 3 annual plans with different benefits like a web studio visit of CESURA’s headquarters with one of our members and gadgets (artist notebook with some of our photographers’ pictures on the cover, an original clipper lighter and a cotton tote bag, both with our Never never never give up motto). You can also choose between a signed Open edition print or a 30-minute One to One session to have a chat with a photographer of your choice. Last but not least, a limited edition poster made by the one and only Paolo Ventura!




Artist Paolo Ventura opens our SUPPORT US campaign with a unique work donated and created exclusively for CESURA. The artwork is the result of a combination of acrylic colors and stencils on wrapping paper 140 x 100 cm and is inspired by our motto NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.
This collaboration, in which the Milanese artist was given complete freedom, is the first of a series of special works created by various international artists.
Ventura’s reproduction is printed on Arctic Volume White 200gr paper format, size 68 x 98cm, and is in a limited edition.
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