Alex Majoli


Alex Majoli (Ravenna, Italy, 1971) is an Italian photographer. His work focuses on the human condition and the theater of our daily lives. Majoli’s career started to develop after photographing the closure of the well-known insane asylum on the island of Leros in Greece, which resulted in “Leros”, his first monograph. Throughout the years, Majoli has worked mainly as a photojournalist. After many years of experience photographing people in all sorts of circumstances, Majoli started exploring the idea of being actors in our own lives. He understands that his role as a photographer can make people perform in their own natural setting, and therefore tries to exaggerate this aspect by using artificial light to dramatise an otherwise daily routine. Majoli has been a member of Magnum Photos since 2001, and is represented by Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.