Marco P. Valli

Marco P. Valli (b. 1989) is an Italian photographer based in Milan.
After graduating in 2009 from the Art Institute of Monza, in 2010 he attended the Art Academy of Brera before specializing in 2011 at CFP Bauer. In March of the same year he began an internship at CESURA. After this period he became part of the group as photographer. In November 2017, after a few years of research into the subject of sexuality, he made his first book along with Anna Adamo and published by Cesura Publish: Bakeca, a photographic research on exhibitionism as a form of sexual expression. In 2018, together with Luca Santese, he developed the project Realpolitik, a satirical analysis of the Italian political situation after the elections of March 4, 2018, which had been published periodically through a series of volumes and exhibited in experimental installation form.
In 2020 Valli made his second book, “Il Corpo del Capitano”, co-authored with Luca Santese: a critical research on the different perspectives of Matteo Salvini’s propaganda – the political leader of the Italian Lega and center-right forces.
Marco’s works have been published by national and international newspapers and magazines (such as Time, Vogue, L’Espresso, Internazionale, La Repubblica and Vanity Fair) and exhibited all over Italy.
Currently he’s still producing individual and collective projects, focusing his work mainly on documentary photography and research in artistic sector.