Marco Zanella


Marco Zanella was born in Parma in 1984. He approached photography in 2005, after a prematurely deceased uncle gifted him with his cameras. For some years he studied photography in Milan and collaborated with his artist and friend Matteo Ferretti, also from Parma. In 2012 he settled in the Cesura studio and became Alex Majoli’s assistant, where he trained as a photographer and fine-art printer.

Since 2012 Marco has been often travelling to Southern Italy where he documents his experiences and encounters, in search of a personal vision of this area. He works mainly in Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.  

At the same time he documents his personal life in Emila-Romagna, and his time at Majoli’s Studio and Cesura, in a never-ending visual diary.

In 2018, thanks to photographer and friend Daniele Casadio, he approached the community of the town of Cotignola and the festival “Nell’ Arena delle balle di Paglia”; he is currently working on the documentation of the town’s everyday life, commissioned by the municipality. 


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