by Giacomo Liverani

Suddenly something happens.

Suddenly you find yourself in a foreign world, where words no longer have any meaning or have totally changed it. A world where you are no longer understood and where everything is noise…often without meaning. Aphasia is a language disorder caused by a brain injury. On February 16, 2018, Giacomo was struck by a left parieto-temporo-insular stroke.”Expressive aphasia” is a label and as such is very reductive, but it understands a fatigue that Giacomo has in producing words in a fluent and appropriate way, as he has hidden them in the head. Writing is an important support, but not always effective. Giacomo’s motivation, his family, and his long speech rehabilitation have allowed evident improvements, but some language difficulties remain. Words have changed form, they have changed time.

Giacomo certainly has many gifts, one of which is the ability to see and show reality through photography. Since always. Now this gift has acquired a different weight because with his shots he can fill part of the void that aphasia has created.

Communication is not only through words.

A. Zuin – SPL – Speech Language Pathologist