by Luca Santese

Festa is the eternal repetition of a primal event that took place in a time so remote to be impossible to be established. It is a time beyond history, close to eternity, continuously echoing in humanity’s abyss. 

This series of photographs represents an in-depth look into this abyss through the myth – literally the real word– that narrates these primordial times.

Festa is where Arts community manifestation occurs, the moment in which the archetypes of primal horror are summoned, where the desperate cry of humankind reshapes into dance, picture, sound, word. This series of photographs is a repossession of those archetypes and its forms: the organic, the vital pulse, the surfacing of the human figure and its mask, the implacability of life and deaths natural cycle.

 Art generates from terror, from the will to give a shape to the suffering that is inherent in Mans mortal nature.