Elfi – Andromeda

by Cesura Collective

The Valley of the Elves is a chapter of Andromeda, a long-term project about the world of ecovillages which are small community realities that usually come to life in small hamlets or cottages in nature, where the lives of the inhabitants mingle with those of travelers, who always arrive and always depart, bringing help, stories and experiences.

The inhabitants of ecovillages are of all ages and social classes. They are men and women who woke up one day and decided that their life in the city, their alienating and competitive job, their cramped household inside an apartment, was not really making them happy contrary to what was proposed to them as a life model. They packed their bags and moved to these ecovillages.

Here everyone lives together in one big family, surrounded by nature, preciously cultivating human relationships, and time goes with the rhythm of the seasons. Every day is a surprise and things can happen that you only find in fairy tales.

When the covid came with lockdown and restrictions, their lives continued to flow peacefully, and they hardly felt any difference. Their lifestyle was already looking to the future from before. A sustainable future of simple and happy everyday life.

The Valley of the Elves is a widespread ecovillage located in the remote woods of Tuscany, one of the most special and special places in Italy. The villages can only be reached on foot, and you live completely immersed in natureĀ almost like 100 years ago.