Mal de Mer

by Claudio Majorana

It can be argued that adolescence is when we first become aware of the personal issues we carry throughout our lives, that if we had addressed them during our teenage years, we might now be all resolved grown-ups. 

Beyond their pensive look, the kids portrayed by Claudio Majorana brim with questions, fears, and doubts; with their thoughts running at maximum speed. Spontaneously, Majorana’s attention is attracted to those moments when, as individuals navigating the complexities of being, we are figuring out life and may possess answers yet feel hesitant to articulate them, trapped by insecurity. Against the background of brutalist concrete witnesses, Majorana pictured a nuanced coming-of-age between youth summer camps, forests, cemeteries, and other arbitrary settings in Vilnius and on the outskirts of Lithuania. In the ageless journey of self-expression, feeling free to share one’s truth and reveal one’s self to others is the toughest struggle and the most sublime achievement.