Italian Ghettos

by Marco P. Valli Luca Santese

Rignano Ghetto (2013-2015)
Rignano’s ghetto, called The Big Ghetto, is a slum located in the countryside of Foggia in Apulia. About a thousand Africans resident in Italy – most of them coming from french-speaking african countries – spend part of the year here in search of seasonal work in the rural south, mainly for the tomato’s industry. Each year, workers return to the ghetto where sanitary conditions are inadequate and where is increasingly difficult to find work. Paid approximately three euro per hour they are forced to live in poverty.


Rosarno/San Ferdinando Ghetto (2012-2015)
In the deep south underpaid labour during harvest time is always needed.
The slum of San Ferdinando di Rosarno is growing spontaneously, as immigrants come from all over the country looking for a job. With its original capacity of 250 people, the overcrowded tent city exceeds over 1000 around this period; the chance of an epidemic breakout due to lack of hygene is likely to happen. immigrants are mostly from Ghana, Senegal, and Northern Africa. Other people escaped from the conflicts occurred during the Arab Spring. Usually they faced a long and dangerous boat trip to get to Italy, wondering for a better future.

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