On the other side of

by Arianna Arcara

Island of of the eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus has a rich and varied history due the many invaders, settlers and immigrants who came here throughout the centuries. Arianna’s project is strongly connected with military coup d’état which took place in 1974. The aim of the coup was the annexation of the island by Greece and the Hellenic Republic of Cyprus was declared. This event was followed by the Turkish invasion of the island that led in the creation by the United Nations of a line of ceasefire, the United Nations buffer zone in Cyprus which still divide the island into a Greek part and a Turkish part. The area extends for 180 kilometers from the West to the East. It runs through the center of the old town of Nicosia, separating the city into northern and southern sections. This division has been greatly documented by Arianna Arcara. She has “registered” the division through a look toward the wall. A careful look, black and white, in order to be as sterile as possible. A look that has documented those details, showing us that time, even if it is flowing, has stopped.

Enrico Stefanelli

This project has been realized thanks to the support of Epea, European photo exhibition award.

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