Head of the Lion

by Claudio Majorana

“You just have to jump slightly forward to avoid the rocks
jutting out. Not too much though or you could hit the rocks on the other side of the cliff. Sometimes, during low tide you might touch the seabed with your feet. But it doesn’t hurt, trust me.”

The genuine adolescence of eight kids riding their skateboards along shabby Sicilian roads is what attracted Claudio Majorana to get close to their lives and dedicate six years gathering romantic times and vibrant moments that reach their peak on the so-called Head of the Lion, a lava rock cliff from where they would jump off to prove that they have become adults.

19 x 26,5 cm / 7,5 x 10,5 in
68 pages, 37 photos
Indigo print
First Edition of 300
ISBN 978-88-906328-8-4
Printed in Italy, October 2018

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