by Alex Majoli

Andante is the catalogue of an exhibition that spans from 1985 to 2018, in which artist and photographer Alex Majoli researches the human soul and the most obscure elements of society. The subtle line between reality and theatre, documentary and art, human behavior and acting, is the exact friction that amazes him and brings him back on the streets and in places where the human condition is questioned. Even in the most tragic of miseries, he is able to find pride and, most of all, greatness within the human soul. For the way he creates images, Majoli can be considered a provocateur: he represents the theatrical dynamics of life, the human actions that seem to take inspiration from a play or a film set, emphasizing the drama of everyday life with artificial light. His photos become scenes, an undeclared stage where people express themselves in their “performance/life”.

Embossed hardcover
14 x 21 cm / 5 x 8,3 in
74 pages, 40 photos
Color offset
First Edition of 750
ISBN 978-88-906328-9-1
Printed in Italy, March 2018

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