Editing & Storytelling workshop by Arcara and Santese

by Arianna Arcara Luca Santese

The workshop aims to guide participants in the finalization of a photographic project. Particular attention will be given to the most appropriate way to select photographs in order to finalize a project in relation to its publication.
Through the analysis of Editing and Storytelling practices, Cesura photographers Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese aims to provide the necessary tools for the construction of a photographic project aimed at the editorial publication and the design and implementation of an exhibition and a photographic book.
To this end, particular attention will be given to the students’ projects whose form and content will be discussed in order to improve their effectiveness in the field of competence. The strategies of dissemination, promotion and distribution of their projects will be deepened. Students are asked to present a selection of their own images or a project in progress.