Tempo Reale Workshop by Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli

by Luca Santese Marco P. Valli

The workshop Tempo Reale was born out of their constant commitment to contemporary themes of national and international interest, combined with the experience of working daily on their own territory. Taking shape from this project methodology, the workshop aimed to guide the participants in the use of their own photography in order to relate to the issues related to their own present. Basically, it is argued that, in addition to the commonly understood photojournalistic approach, it is also possible to work with authorial and design depth on themes and places close to the author, not limiting oneself to the only intimist approach currently used.

Particular attention was paid to the way in which photographic images are produced in order to create a project. Students followed the paths of authors whose projects are based on iconographic research and an experimental critical method, also in relation to the historical-documentary aspect: an indispensable ground for its own questioning. In this way, students were encouraged to develop a critical and authorial outlook that attempted to question the traditional rules of representation, but with a concrete criteria that lead to the finalisation of an idea in the form of a reportage, a series of experimental images or an independent publication. Lastly they worked on the methodologies of professional dissemination of one’s work in the channels of editorial distribution, publishing houses, galleries and museums.